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Bill Hanson's Photo


As you can see from this photo I have been around and about this life for quite a while.

In my 55+ year working life change has been my only constant. Many different jobs and projects in many different places. Not a great life-plan for preparing for retirement but great for satisfying multiple changing interests and for building up a long list of transferrable skills for augmenting the inevitable minimal pensions.

Are you "buried in your bizzies" without sufficient time, skills and/or people you need to dig yourself out from under your task load?

Tap into my very varied work skills and experience via the pages on this site and via the other IPC sites listed below. 

On this site I offer a range of contracted administrative, organizational and other support services for individuals and home or small businesses.   Bookkeeping, research, event organization, wordsmithing, etc.  I like variety and new challenges and I'm open to suggestion.

If you have a need that isn't addressed by this site's Services page be sure to check out its Skills & Experience page. Some combination of what you find there might suit a task that only you could know needs doing.

Sharing information about this site with anyone you think might find value in anything it offers would be a kindness!

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