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Choirs & Community Groups

The services below are presented primarily from the perspective of my choir experience but my skills and experience are also applicable to community groups.

My Choir Services Background

I have been a member of Victoria's Gettin' Higher Choir since the Fall of 1999 and have provided contracted Registration, Communication and Promotion choir support services since September of 2001

My work for the choir includes, but isn't limited to, the following:

  • accurately maintaining a membership database of 1700+ current and past members of the Gettin' Higher Choir and its two associated choir's the High Noon Choir and Sounding as well as members of its related choir organizations Community Choir Leadership Trainings and the Ubuntu Choirs Network
  • correcting and updating individual data records as necessary by phone or email
  • manipulating the data in a variety of ways to compile comprehensive seasonal numbers & financialreports
  • organizing, collecting, processing, tracking and reporting GHC registrations for each session
  • negotiating payment plans and scholarship arrangements with registrants
  • collecting and recording members' seasonal fees
  • tracking, and making collections of, overdue payments
  • preparing and making bank deposits
  • creating, editing and posting a weekly newsletter for the 1500+ active choir community subscribers
  • sending group, and mail merge, emails such as regular "newsletter posted" emails and periodic "special announcement" emails sometimes to the whole choir community and sometimes targeted to particular sub-groups within the community
  • designing both printed and digital administrative forms and systems pertinent to my duties as registrar and editor
  • responding to choir community member's multitudinous phone and email queries about choir policies, events and activities
  • freeing the directors of the GHC to focus on the music and their teaching by taking on the responsibilities listed above.

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How can the services offered through this site I help your choir or community group's endeavours?

Think about what it needs and then scroll through the list above and this site's Skills & Experience page to see if what I have to offer suits those needs and contact me to discuss the art of the possible and to get an estimate.

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In appreciation of those who pour their knowledge, skills, talents, experience, time and resources into not-for-profit community endeavours any individuals, groups or organizations contracting with YESS! to further their not-for-profit community goals will be invoiced at a discounted rate as specified on the Rates & Terms page.

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